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Releva is the ultimate Customer Data Platform for B2B and B2C eCommerce

It combines a powerful product demand and cash flow forecasting engine with state-of-the-art product positioning and recommendations engine for the omnichannel to deliver more than 2x growth year-over-year.

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Above 10%


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Above 1000%


in ROI

1 000 000

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About Releva

In a world of ever-increasing awareness of customers’ personal data collection and usage, Releva uses a data-driven approach to automate your growth and increase your revenues. You can bring back unique personalization and product experiences to your customers across all channels in return for sharing their data only with the brand they love. 


Customer Data Platform

Store and analyse eCommerce customer’s data, based on events. Predict their intent and recommend products that your visitors will love.

Customer Personalization

Deeply embedded in the system artificial intelligence is serving best-in-the industry personalization and recommendation layer for every step of the customer journey.

Product Positioning Platform

Store all product data and analyze demand, inventory and enable your sales team to understand customer needs and up-sell smarter.

Marketing and Sales Automation engine

Intelligently autopilot with a powerful set of workflows and Releva’s learning machine to scale up repeatable operations and provide one-to-one personalization.

Omni Channel Communication

Manage personal experience on web, mobile, SMS, email, push, messaging platforms and retargeting.

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We provide out of the box integration with major eCommerce platforms

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