About Releva

Releva was founded at the beginning of 2019 by a group of software engineers and data scientists. We wanted to prove that marketing automation is not rocket science if you have the right tools and at the same time it can be empathetic and humanly connected to people. We believe that society will become more digital, a  process also known as the world’s digital transformation.  While following this megatrend, we are firm believers that humanity must keep the “human” element in the communication between brands and people.

We are also confident that learning machines’ role will become more prominent in the world of data. Even today we see the megatrend that people expect timely, optimised, and expected machine communication that helps them achieve their objectives faster, better, cheaper, etc. In the digital commerce that is more striking than ever before.

Releva already delivers amazing results for its users. Our data show more than 250% return on investment and more than 30% conversion rates across the customer journey. We balance this with less than 100 bounces and 5 complaints per 1,000,000 messages. Our mission is to keep these rates as we grow.

And this is just the begging. We are about to build the most valuable and easy to use product for growth and the most scalable but empathetic and ethical communication between brands and people. We will do our best to push the industry by providing exceptional results in this field because this is the future we want.

Join us on the journey

About The Team

We trust that people do business by sharing generations of experience. Our team brings to the table more than 54 years of relevant experience in the field of marketing, marketing automation, product development, in-filed experimentation, machine learning, user experience, and software engineering. Members of the team have 15 years of experience on average. 

We provide Google-like reliability and scalability with more than 99.99% uptime and less than 300ms response time.

Half of the team have PhDs in relevant subjects. The research of the team is supported by multi-million investments and shared on TV, radio interviews, podcasts, blogs, and at more 200 conferences.

Georgi D. Georgiev,
Co-founder and CEO

Georgi is a senior product and technical leader with more than 17 years of experience in product strategy, software engineering, big data, and machine learning. He has built successful AI & Data platforms for some of the most knowledge- intensive businesses across the globe. Georgiev holds a PhD from Sofia University and Global Executive MBA from the Instituto de Empresa (the IE).

Yavor Stoychev,
Co-founder and CTO

Yavor is a senior software professional with more than 10 years of experience in machine learning, distributed systems, and data engineering. He has build ecommerce & growth solutions for fortune 500 companies and startups. Yavor holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science and Economics from the American University in Bulgaria, with a minor degree in Mathematics.

Why Work with us

We believe that every client is also a partner and we always look for synergies in each phase of our partnership.

Based on experience, we will:

  1. help to integrate your business in less than two weeks
  2. increase your revenue by having:
    • 30% of it coming from Releva banners

    • 45% coming from recommenders

    • 45% coming from email

3. achieve 55% email open rate and 17% click rate

4. achieve more than 30% conversion rates

5. reach more than 270% return on investment

6. no vendor lock-in – you can always get your data back in a ready to use format