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Importing Data

Importing Profiles in Releva

You may import profile information for your visitors such as names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, subscription status, and tags via a CSV file from the Audiences feature.


The CSV file should contain the following columns in this exact order. The first row is expected to be a header row and is ignored.

ИмеThe first (given) name of the user.
ФамилияThe last name of the user.
EmailThe email address of the user. Required unless phone number is set.
Phone numberThe phone number of the user including country code, for ex. +12345. Required unless email is set.
Registration DateIf the user is a registered user, this should be a date in the ISO-8601 format. Leave blank otherwise.
Sbuscribe DateIf the user has given consent to receive marketing communication, this should be a date in the ISO-8601 format. Leave blank otherwise.
SubscriptionsComma-separated list of subscriptions, if you let your visitors subscribe to multiple types of communication (e.g. newsletters,promotions or email,sms). You can later use this field to build segments from your imports.
TagsComma-separated list of tags that will help you identify this import – for ex. customer_list__01_12_21. You can later use this field to build segments from your imports.

You may download this Sample CSV to get started and fill it out with your own data.

The import process is asynchronous. Once you upload the CSV file, the system will process it in the background and you will receive an email once the process has finished. The email will tell you whether it was processed successfully, or whether it was processed successfully with a few lines skipped because of errors, or whether it aborted after encountering a large number of errors. The email will contain a detailed breakdown of the errors encountered. Please refer to the format above to fix them and re-upload the file.

The import process won’t create profiles with duplicate emails or phone numbers. If skip existing profiles is selected (default setting), only profiles that Releva did not know about will be imported. Otherwise, If a profile with a given email or phone number already exists at the time of import, its fields will be updated according to the following rules:

FieldIf not blank in import fileif blank in import file
firstNameOverwritten with import value. Unchanged.
lastNameOverwritten with import value.Unchanged.
registeredAtOverwritten with import value.Unchanged.
subscribedAtOverwritten with import value.Set to NULL.
subscriptionsOverwritten with import value.Set to empty array.
tagsMerged if merge tags option is checked, overwritten otherwise.Unchanged if merge tags option is checked, set to empty array otherwise.
phoneNumberOverwritten with import value.Unchanged.

We recommend the practice to tag all profiles of the import with the current date and a name (could be file name, list name, segment name) so that you can later build Releva segments based on your imports.

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