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Why do you need the product catalog?

Storing detailed information about every product gives Releva’s users the power to recommend, re-rank, boost and filter products based on criteria such as the product’s brand, color, availability or popularity. 

Some common use cases for this functionality include promotion of:

  • stocked products that we want to get rid of, 
  • products that are close to their expiration date,
  • popular products, 
  • products that are popular but often returned after the purchase,
  • products that are discounted.

This helps our smart recommenders to learn not only the interactions between customers and products but also from the products’ data. In that way, they will be able to recommend products that are similar to the ones that the customer already saw or bought.

Main page

On the Products page, you can see products on your eCommerce site and the information we store for them. On the main page, you can see all the products. You can also search and filter products by ID, name, description, date of the last update, and locale.

In our demo shop, we have 25 products. When you click on a product, you are redirected to its custom page, where a bigger picture and detailed information about it are displayed. 

The Custom field value is an object that reflects the metadata of the products you have on your Online store. 

In our case, in the custom field we have information about the different names of the product, depending on its size (XS, S, M, L, XL), and the corresponding product IDs, as well as tags of the products (“shirts”), and the categories it falls in (“Women”). Other product features that can be included here are brand, color and size.

You can read more about the custom object in our Integration guide. 

With the custom field, you can do a manual boosting or filtering on products features. For example, if you have defined the key “tags” in your product’s custom object, you can then boost  with particular tags in your recommenders products.
You can read more details about filtering and boosting in Releva’s recommenders here.

С кои продукти е взаимодействал

Below the blocks with the product’s general information, you can see plots about what interactions (adding to carts, views, and purchases) the customers had with the product in the last 1 and 3 months. 

Product-related recommenders

At the bottom of a product’s page, you can see how the recommenders associated with this product look from the customers’ side. 

These recommenders are: 

  • People who bought this also bought,
  • People who viewed this also bought, 
  • People who viewed this also viewed.

As an example, here is how the People who viewed this also bought recommendations look for the Chevron t-shirt from our demo store:

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