Georgi Georgiev discusses Releva’s innovative platform and how it can help any eCommerce shop achieve revenue goals in an interview with eCommerce Academy.

Releva is a revolution of marketing automation to become the most advanced RevOps SaaS based on AI. The platform uses smart scheduling and automations to combine user needs with sales strategy to optimize for expected, timely, and engaging communication.

Using customers behavior tracking and the world’s most sophisticated artificial intelligence, Releva can help eCommerce shops solve problems such as basket and browse abandonment, predict the users’ next purchases and post-purchase strategies, and anonymous visitors’ web personalization and retargeting in an innovative and fully automated way.

Releva acts as a digital marketing assistant that understands the preferences of each customer such as channel (Email, SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google ads, etc.), day and time to approach the user, narrative/creative to compile a message that would appeal to the user’s personality.

Releva transforms the website/app into a highly converting engine. It (re)targets users across the multichannel using the world’s most advanced scheduling and automation product.

It provides visual analytics for the most important KPIs – revenue, average basket size, average purchases, anonymous user base, subscribers, and registrations and provides insights on how to improve them based on experimentation and data.

Additionally, Releva can help eCommerce shops by:

✅ Driving sales and generating deeper engagement for your brand.

✅ Directly engaging with online shoppers on your website/app and omnichannel.

✅ Setting ambitious new sales targets powered by deep technology for every stage of the funnel.

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