Targeting anonymous users is an impossible task because they don’t provide personal data. Most eCommerce shops face this problem all the time – anonymous users visit their website, browse for a while, or even make an order as a guest user without providing any kind of information that can be used to retarget them. It’s very frustrating and leaves eCommerce owners without the possibility to turn those visitors into loyal customers.

Converting anonymous prospects on their first visit to your website has always been one of the most popular pain points that’s stopping online stores’ growth. This scenario is inevitable, and shops can’t do anything to prevent it. Are you sure that this statement is correct?

Releva – one of the most innovative All-in-one AI automation solutions for eCommerce growth can effectively help you solve this problem and let you approach anonymous visitors on your eCommerce website by providing them with personalized content. 

Releva is a marketing automation platform that personalizes the website and the multichannel to increase conversion rates, average order values, customer lifetime values and leads to revenue growth with an amazing ROI. The innovative platform uses smart predictive analytics steps to keep up the revenue growth and achieve the marketing goals of any eCommerce shop. Based on more than two years of data, Releva has developed a bulletproof method to consistently increase top lines with the unprecedented 20%-45% and at the same time reduce costs, while providing a striking 53x ROI. 

Releva can convert your anonymous prospects and help you transform them into loyal registered customers by taking full advantage of our AI automated recommenders, which adapt in real-time according to your users’ behavior. After just a few clicks on the website, Releva provides personalized product recommendations based on deep knowledge of the products the users have previously viewed. All of this results in the transformation of your eCommerce shop into a personalized mall for the needs and desires of each individual visitor and helps your users find what they’re looking for easier.

That sounds too good to be true, but how does it actually work?

Anonymous user visits the site

Anonymous or unknown visitors are people who visit your site but have never shared any identifiable information, such as an email address or phone number. These could be first-time visitors or even returning customers who have not yet logged in.

Clicks On Products Listed On The Site

Anonymous profiles are identified based on the device they use to access the trader’s website, such as a phone, web browser, etc. The user’s product clicks and actions are saved in the Releva database and connected to an identifier related to the access device, which we keep in a first-party cookie.

Receives Personalized Product Recommendations

After just a few clicks on the website, Releva provides personalized product recommendations to all anonymous visitors based on the products they view. Once the user registers or places an order, all events connected to the anonymous profile will be merged into the registered account.

All of this is possible thanks to Lucy, the most sophisticated statistical model that the company has developed over the years. Lucy is the artificial intelligence behind the entire platform. She is a technology similar to ChatGPT that can answer the most important questions in sales and marketing:

  • What does each user want?
  • When do they want it?
  • What price range is acceptable?
  • What is the preferred digital channel?
  • What is the creative and narrative that resonates with each user?…

Lucy utilizes deep machine learning, user preferences, web/app page context, and manual rules, along with real-time tracking, to automatically enhance engagement, basket size, and purchase frequency. 

The platform collects information about a user’s behavior across their entire journey on a website to recommend and target products that are relevant, at the right time, price and channel. This approach prioritizes both user experience and ethical revenue increase.

The benefits each eCommerce shop can get by using Releva’s solution to engage anonymous visitors are:

  • Storing customers’ data like searches, browsing history, shopping cart behavior, etc;
  • Providing personalized content to anonymous visitors;
  • Converting visitors into customers;
  • Improving conversion rates.

Releva’s platform can provide solutions not only to the problem of anonymous website personalization but also to many important use cases that each eCommerce shop faces, such as basket and browse abandonment, predicting users’ next purchases, post-purchase strategies, and innovative and fully automated multichannel brand communication and retargeting.

Releva provides integration with the major platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, BigCommerce and covers above 80% of all eCommerce worldwide.

The platform is able to increase your revenues by more than 20% during the first free month of collaboration. 

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