📌 Future without third-party cookies – what will change in 2024?

The upcoming changes with the removal of third-party cookies in browsers will fundamentally change the old understanding of advertising in the eCommerce space.

“After the upcoming changes, most eCommerce stores will need to rebuild their marketing strategies from scratch in order to survive in the market. They will have to start collecting data about their customers, their online behavior, and analyze their needs, desires, and preferences.

It will be beneficial for stores to have platforms that provide customer data. This information will help merchants engage their customers more actively by providing them with offers, product recommendations, and discounts that precisely match their needs, via the channels where they like to shop.

Adapting to the new reality would be very easy and successful for online stores by using artificial intelligence-based platforms that provide such a comprehensive process for growth and communication with customers.” – Georgi Georgiev

👉 Read more about the topic in Bulgarian in the article written by Aleksandar Glavchev which provides valuable insights on the topic and includes professional expertise from our CEO, Georgi Georgiev.  

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