Lucy, the artificial intelligence of Releva, increases the revenue of online stores by more than 30% and helps your eCommerce shop turn into a high-converting engine.

Releva is a unique AI-first RevOps platform that is on a mission to create user experiences that are similar to the ones customers could have only in a small local shop. The platform does it by optimizing personalization via ethical omnichannel engagement between brands and their consumers. All that results in a stable increase in traffic and conversion rate across the eCommerce sector.

The platform is an all-in-one AI automation solution for eCommerce growth that offers its customers a growth process and user-friendly tools to optimize conversion rates, basket sizes, and revenue while transforming their website and optimizing customers’ experience.

By leveraging advanced predictive analytics, the company ensures consistent revenue growth and helps eCommerce businesses achieve their marketing goals while boosting revenues by over 30%.

As the company has grown, it has built the most sophisticated statistical model – Lucy (technology similar to chat GPT) to answer the most important questions in sales and marketing: 

  • what each user wants;
  • when they want it;
  • what price range is acceptable;
  • what is the digital channel of preference 
  • what is the creative and narrative that resonate with each user … 

Lucy is one of the main reasons why Releva is winning against a much older and vast competitor landscape.

Lucy utilizes deep machine learning, user preferences, web/app page context, and manual rules, along with real-time tracking, to automatically enhance engagement, basket size, and purchase frequency. It not only boosts revenues but also helps you save costs by prioritizing cheaper communication channels with your users and optimizing the number of messages sent per day.

Furthermore, the platform offers 99.9% uptime with Google-like reliability and assesses the user’s intent to purchase within 30 milliseconds after viewing or searching for a product. Upon the next click, the user will see relevant products without the need to wait for purchase data.

Another factor that sets Releva apart from other companies is that its recommendations load asynchronously to the website without slowing it down. 

Releva’s platform is based on Zero and first-party data and navigates the privacy-centric world with a focus on user privacy controls, browser updates (third party cookies crumbles)  and regulatory changes. 

One of the key benefits of Releva is its ability to deeply integrate with any eCommerce shop and all digital channels to optimize engagement, drive traffic and increase conversions. 

Releva’s complete and accurate set of data provides a 360-degree view of each user, making it possible to create a customized customer journey for every individual across the multichannel.

The platform also understands each customer’s preferred communication channel (such as email, SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google ads) as well as the best day and time to reach out. Releva offers the most appropriate message and content that suits each individual’s personality, which results in increased user engagement with the brand.

Releva collects information about a user’s behavior across their entire journey on a website to recommend and target products that are relevant, at the right time, price and channel. This approach prioritizes both user experience and ethical revenue increase.

The innovative platform is a high-performing platform that achieves more than 4 million active users, sends more than 20 million emails, and generates over EUR 2 million for its customers each month. It also delivers an outstanding ROI of 51x.

Consistently, Releva’s platform is able to increase your revenues by more than 20% during the first free month of collaboration. All that is done with first party and ethical handling of user data. 

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