A primary goal of our team is to constantly improve the user experience of our clients. Last quarter we released a number of plug-ins for  the most popular ecommerce platforms, improved usability of our administration panel, and added a few more tools to make your messages across the omnichannel even more personalized and engaging.

Zero coding Integrations with Ecommerce Platforms

We worked hard to create plug-ins that allow zero coding integrations. Now we cover over  60% of all ecommerce platforms in the world. No matter if your shop is  on Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Opencart or  even a non-commerce WordPress website, you can integrate with Releva easily  and gain  access to all marketing automation functionality with zero coding required!. 

This is part of our quest to empower every eCommerce owner or marketing specialist (especially those with limited IT experience) to  harness the power of Releva  quickly and easy.

If your shop is custom built, we will help you get up and running within a week. We are working to make custom integrations even easier, so stay tuned for some exciting news!

Better AI. Faster.

Releva is now faster than ever. We are constantly working to make our service more performant and our recommendations more Relevant. The past 6 months were no exception. 

Some notable statistics are:

  • 99% Uptime
  • Nearly 600 000 recommendations served daily
  • More than 9 000 000 recommendations served daily during black friday campaigns 2021
  • More than 30 000 000 events tracked daily
  • It takes less than 200 ms. on average to serve deep recommendations
Easy Search Service in Releva Admin

As you grow, you need an easy way to find and discover past or running campaigns, creatives, or multichannel messages linked with those campaigns. Based on user feedback we launched a new search service in the administration panel of Releva. Now our users can search for campaigns, recommenders, related workflows and channels like emails, SMS, Push or segments. This service improves our user experience and helps you to do more, faster.

Display Banners on Steroids

We introduced configurable display strategies for banners.

Now you can create static or pop up banners that are always on within specific pages. You could choose smart display tactics of your pop up banners to target more engaged visitors and users of your eCommerce site – displaying it after a selected percentage of the page scroll or after given seconds on the page. 

You can create banners with our upgraded zero coding visualisation tool box with easy drag and drop blocks, now with improved preview options. It is easier to check how your banner will look on various devices so your multichannel campaigns are covered!

Triggered Campaigns

Triggered campaigns respond to  specific user behavior such as completing an order or visiting selected product pages. With such campaigns you can react to selected user journeys to improve customer experience or conversion rates. Imagine you want to thank a new client for her purchase with a discount code for their next purchase. No problem! With triggered campaigns you can do that easily, and add a personal touch to the customer experience by refferting all properties of the triggering event in the email.

Custom events

Custom events are an easy way to send user interactions to Releva even when they are not defined as part of the core platform. Imagine you want to send an email to your customer after their order has been delivered to ask for their feedback. This functionality allows you to send an event when their order has been delivered and combined with triggered campaigns, gives you the tools to set up workflows to collect feedback, recommend products, and ensure that your users stay engaged. You can also send custom attributes like a personal assistant name, and reference them in your email to make it more engaging.

Email Recommendations that Respect Your Brand

You can now customize how product recommendations look in your emails. Want to show discounted prices in blue instead of green? No problem! Want to show 2 products per row instead of 4? We got you covered. With our easy-to-use HTML template editor, you can do this with a few lines of code. Also, your customer success representative is always there to help you if you need a hand or some advice.

Your Results. Now also in Excel.

You can now see the performance of all your recommenders, banners, campaigns, workflows, emails, SMS, push notifications, and segments in excel with a click of a button.

Sounds exciting?

Contact us for a free 30-day trial and see for yourself how Releva can help your e-commerce grow.