This weekend, Releva attended the ECDM Expo SEE – the biggest exhibition on eCommerce & Digital Marketing in Southeastern Europe.

The eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expo is an annual two-day exhibition and conference for eCommerce and Digital Marketing experts from Greece and Southeastern Europe.

The event brought together companies and lecturers from different countries who presented specialized content focused on the new trends and successful strategies in the eCommerce and Digital Marketing sector.

🚀Releva’s team was there to demonstrate to every attendee how to automate their marketing, sustain revenue growth, and achieve any marketing goal for their eCommerce shops.

💡 Our business developers, Maria and Dimitrios, welcomed everyone at Releva’s booth and provided useful information on how to implement Releva and achieve more than 30% revenue growth.

💡 Releva’s customer success specialists, Boryana and Nikoleta, demonstrated our deep-tech personalization solution for innovative eCommerce platforms and discussed with attendees how Releva can help their businesses grow.

👉🏼 Georgi Georgiev, our CEO, presented on the topic of “How to immediately unlock 35%+ more revenue for your eCommerce business.” The presentation was definitely worth attending if you wanted to grow your eCommerce business.

He talked more about:

✅ The transformative potential of deep-tech AI personalization and automation tools for eCommerce businesses.

✅ How any eCommerce shop can increase conversion rates, average order values, customer lifetime values, and unlock more than 35% additional revenue by leveraging these advanced technologies.

✅ How eCommerce shops can improve the customer experience on their website, achieve more with less effort through AI automations.

✅ How to generate deeper engagement and set ambitious new sales targets powered by deep technology for every stage of the funnel.

It was a very interesting event filled with lots of opportunities to network with clients, partners, and friends in the eCommerce industry.

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