Releva – the all-in-one AI automation solution for eCommerce growth is going to attend ECDM Expo NORTH on February 11 & 12, 2023 at Vellideio Conference Center, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Releva is a unique AI-first RevOps platform that optimizes customers’ experience and transforms the website into a highly converting engine. 

The platform can help eCommerce shops solve problems such as basket and browse abandonment, predicting the users’ next purchases and post-purchase strategies, and anonymous visitors’ web personalization and retargeting in an innovative and fully automated way.

The company uses smart predictive analytics steps to keep up the revenue growth, achieve the marketing goals of any eCommerce shop and increase their revenues by more than 30%.

Only in the past month, Releva reached more than 2 million active users, sent more than 15 million emails, and generated more than EUR 1.5 million for its customers.

The company provides its customers with a growth process and easy-to-use tools for optimizing conversion rates, basket sizes, and revenue. 

During the eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expo, a two-day exhibition and conference on eCommerce and digital marketing, Releva’s co-founder and CEO – Georgi Georgiev – will share more about personalization for omnichannel and social experiences in the eCommerce sector.

The event will gather companies and lectors from different countries which will present specialized content focused on the new trends and successful strategies in the eCommerce and Digital Marketing sector.

Every eCommerce business wants to achieve instant growth and higher conversion rates. To understand what is the key ingredient to achieving these goals visit Releva’s expo stand at the conference.

Without a doubt, the approach toward each customer is crucial and with Releva’ s platform, growth process and dedication, any eCommerce can become a highly converting engine. 

During the event, Releva’s team is going to help attendees find the perfect eCommerce solution for the needs of their business, introduce the product and discuss how Releva can help their business grow.

Every eCommerce shop that visits the Releva’s expo stand will receive skyrocket discounts, personalized offers and many surprises.

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