Releva receives $200,000 from Google to supercharge its growth

We are glad to share that Google Cloud and Releva partner through the Google for startups program. The financial boost of $200,000, which has to be absorbed for 2 years, will be used to build a thriving, sustainable business with intelligent, cost-effective, proven technology. This will help Releva move fast and provide state-of-the-art services to its clients.

Releva is a revenue operations platform that offers to its clients, small and medium online shops, omnichannel automation and communication tools that boost their growth to the next level. 

Google Cloud allows the quick go-to-market to Releva’s product development which is critical to company’s clients and their growth. It supports data analytics and AI solutions that enables Releva to stay on the cutting edge with the real-time AI engine that can predict the merchant’s sales potential and deal with changes in its supply chain. The technology helps Releva reach its mission to turn small and medium online shops into a growing business. 

Moreover the technology helps reduce the operational risks and increase efficiency being extreamly reliable with 99,99% availability.

“I truly believe in partnerships and ecosystem supportive collaboration and I am glad to be part of the Google family. We will also give back to the community by providing longer free period for our small tier clients.”

Georgi Georgiev, CEO of Releva