📌 Releva has a new partner – Kooperativa 2.0!

Established in 2012 by entrepreneurs with 20+ years of experience in the online industry, Kooperativa 2.0 has evolved into a full-service agency for Social Media, PR, and Digital Marketing, providing all communication and marketing needs of clients.

Services include full social media community growth and management, PPC advertising, branding, public relations and event management, influencer marketing, and also UX/UI & web design, website management and maintenance, SEO, and audio/photo/ video services.

The agency is a member of the most important advertising and communication associations in Romania: IAB, IAA, ARRP, and AMCOR, providing an additional guarantee of adhering to the best practices in advertising, PR, and online marketing.

Over the years, Kooperativa 2.0 has often been recognized as the „most visible Digital Agency online” according to Zelist Industries and has been nominated in the „Top 10 agencies that have worked with bloggers” as per the Digital Report published by Biz Magazine.

👉 Check them out at https://kooperativa.ro/en/ and learn more about their services.

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