By using smart predictive analytics, Releva keeps up revenue growth, achieves marketing goals for eCommerce shops, and increases their revenues by more than 30%

Releva is a unique AI-first RevOps platform that optimizes customers’ experience and transforms the website into a highly converting engine.

The platform can help eCommerce shops solve problems such as basket and browse abandonment, predicting the users’ next purchases and post-purchase strategies, and anonymous visitors’ web personalization and retargeting in an innovative and fully automated way.

The platform is GDPR compliant and is based on Zero-party data. Releva navigates the privacy-centric world with a focus on user privacy controls, browser updates, and regulatory changes while anticipating the eCommerce client’s needs during their journey on your website and providing a unique personalized experience as if they were visiting their favorite local store.

Releva provides 99.9 % uptime with Google-like reliability and evaluates the user’s intent to purchase 30 ms after product view or search. On the next click, the user will see relevant products – no need to wait for purchase data.

All recommendations provided by Releva load asynchronously to the website without slowing it down.

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