We’ve built Releva to become the best product for growing the small and medium eCommerce Business.

The Story

What drove us to start this journey is a simple story about a family business. . It’s about a local family shop  for kids’ clothes .  Their  customers were young parents and they were visiting the store, buying clothes for their kids and benefitting from the personal connection to the shop owners. And that is a successful human and business story.

But everything changed during the pandemic. Long-time customers were afraid of being exposed to the virus and stopped going to the shop. Revenue was going down and the business was struggling. So, the owners decided to do something new to them – to create a digital store. They were trying hard for two months and then asked me for help. I explained the steps to become digital and showed them a couple of eCommerce platforms. They created a simple web page listing the products, designed categories and a basket for orders. They collected the customer’s items, put them in their car, and drove to the customer door to handthe products over and collect the money.

The Challenge

However, they lacked the tools a more prominent company like Amazon for kids might have, such as recommendations, personalization, abandoned basket automation and more. How much more useful it might be when a user goes to their shop and since she bought clothes for a six-month baby, the shop reacts and recommends products that she likes and reflects her context. The shop also “remembers” past purchases and sends a message to replenish diapers and cleaning products and even recommends some wet wipes on the checkout when the user is about to buy the diapers.

It was interesting to understand that it would be tough for mid and small brick-and-mortar shops to list their products online and make deliveries. But it was influential for us to grasp that for these owners, the step to properly  personalize and recreate the empathetic, 1-on-1 connections with their customers in an online setting might be next to impossible. With increasing prices of online advertising from Google and Facebook and ever bigger budgets of big online retailers, we must preserve these shops’ human feel at all costs to keep them competitive. 


The founding team of Releva understood how important it is to connect with such personal conversations and attitudes. We have created a solution for small and mid-sized eCommerce that is easy to use, but at the same time, makes them competitive with more prominent players. We focus on two essential aspects, first, to automate and therefore make the personalization and marketing aspects of their work more affordable, and second, to sustain the empathy of their communications with the customer. 

Releva serves real-time automatic product recommendations for every single client to help them during their customer journey and make them feel listened to, understood, and unique in the realm of digital commerce. Releva “understands” the context of every single client and automatically chooses the right channel and time to communicate via personalized banners and popups, web recommendations, emails, SMS, and push messages. 

Releva provides small and mid-sized brands with easy-to-use tools for optimizing  conversion rates, basket sizes, and revenue.  At Releva, we not only empower brands to be more competitive, but we help build a future where brands communicate with their customers to help them do their job with goodwill and in an ethical way.

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