Releva is excited to announce that we joined the Shopify marketplace family.

Releva is a revolution of marketing automation based on AI that can help your eCommerce achieve revenue growth between 20%-45% by increasing the number of purchases and basket sizes.

In a single dashboard, Releva combines all tools you need to measure, attribute, experiment, analyze, predict and automate your growth in real time. Releva combines users’ needs with your sales strategy to optimize for expected, timely, and engaging communication.

Releva will transform your website/app into a highly converting engine. 

Releva core components are based on deep tech published at top conferences in areas such as information retrieval, recommendation systems, text analytics, and natural language processing, and social science, and the scientific research behind is financed by more than 100 million EUR. 

Would you like to try and use the world’s most sophisticated AI to automate your marketing and achieve instant eCommerce growth?  
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