Releva provides its customers with a growth process and easy-to-use tools for optimizing conversion rates, basket sizes, and revenue.

In the interview with Manager magazine, Georgi Georgiev and Yavor Stoychev discuss Releva’s innovative platform and the results the company has achieved so far.

Releva is a revolution of marketing automation to become the most advanced RevOps SaaS based on AI. The platform uses smart scheduling and automations to combine user needs with sales strategy to optimize for expected, timely, and engaging communication.

Lucy, the artificial intelligence of Releva, increases the revenue of online stores by more than 30%

Using customers behavior tracking and the world’s most sophisticated artificial intelligence, Releva can help eCommerce shops solve problems such as basket and browse abandonment, predict the users’ next purchases and post-purchase strategies, and anonymous visitors’ web personalization and retargeting in an innovative and fully automated way.

Releva provides integration with the major platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, BigCommerce and covers above 80% of all eCommerce worldwide.

Currently the company works with more than 200 brands and helps its clients achieve more than 30% increase in conversion rates, 20%+ revenue increase from recommenders, 40%+ increase in sales volume, 20%+ revenue increase from banners and emails and 53 times return on investments.

Releva’s clients include Ardes, Unico, Mercari, Meomax, Kidso, TrendO, SportDepot, eBag, Kinderland, Teodor, Praktis and many more.

The company is actively developing its partnership program, which includes companies such as Prodesign, Improve digital agency, Fireweb, Stenik, RoboBizz, Level Technical Group, etc.

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