📌 We’re excited to announce that Releva will be participating in the upcoming event “eCommerce Talks” by easySales this September in Bucharest.

The event is going to be on September 27, 2023 and will bring together over 600 participants from around the world to share insights and best practices in the eCommerce industry.

Releva’s team is thrilled to show you how to automate your marketing, sustain revenue growth, and achieve any marketing goal for your eCommerce shops.

The company provides a marketing automation platform that personalizes the website and the multichannel experience to increase conversion rates, average order values, customer lifetime values, and ultimately leads to revenue growth with an impressive ROI.

During the event, Georgi Georgiev, our CEO, will present on the topic of Personalization for multichannel and social experiences in the eCommerce sector.

“eCommerce Talks” by easySales is a full-day conference, expo, and speed networking event that will include:

Presentations from eCommerce experts: Learn about the industry’s most important issues from the best eCommerce specialists.

Interactive panels and discussions: Gain access to themes that are shaping the eCommerce industry and are crafted to guide sellers’ activities in eCommerce.

Networking opportunities: Identify business opportunities, establish connections, and engage in conversations with partners, suppliers, and clients from the eCommerce industry.

Valuable content: Learn best practices in eCommerce and discover more about multichannel sales, delivery, cross-border sales, user acquisitions, retention, UI & UX experience, and how you can boost your sales.

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