Releva has completed an $870,000 financial round led by New Vision Fund 3 with participation by HR Capital AD, Verto Invest and the investment arm of private investors.
Releva завърши финансов рунд от $870 000, воден от Фонд Ню Вижън 3 с участието на Ейч Ар Капитал АД, Верто Инвест и подкрепата на частни инвеститори.

Anonymous web personalization


Convert anonymous visitors on your eCommerce website by providing them with personalized content. Targeting anonymous users may seem an impossible task because they don’t provide personal data, however, Releva can help you with that. After just a few clicks on the website, Releva provides personalized product recommendations to the anonymous visitor, based on the products they view. These personalized suggestions are based on a deep knowledge what products go together across all users of your website.

Steps to get there

Anonymous user visits the site

Anonymous or unknown visitors are people who visit your site but have never shared any identifiable information like email address and phone number. These could be first-time visitors, or even returning customers before they log in.

Clicks on products listed on the site

Anonymous profiles are identified based on the device they use to access the trader’s website, such as phone, web browser, etc. The user’s product clicks and their actions are saved in the Relеva database and connected to an identifier related to the access device that we keep in a first-party cookie.
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Receives personalized product recommendations

After just a few clicks on the website, Releva provides personalized product recommendations to all anonymous visitors based on the products they view. After the user registers or places an order, all events connected to the anonymous profile will be merged into the registered account.


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