Releva is a marketing automation platform that personalizes the multichannel to increase conversion rates, AOV, LTV and leads to revenue growth with an amazing ROI.

Releva was honored to attend eCommerce Croatia Awards at the Sky Office in Zagreb.

An amazing event, during which shops from different areas competed for the title of best eCommerce shop of the year. 74 webshops were assessed by a panel of experts in six categories, which included User Experience , Search Engine Optimization , Legal Compliance, Analytics, Content, and Buyer’s Journey.

During the event Georgi Georgiev, Releva’s CEO, talked more about automating the user journey experience in the eCommerce sector. He shared more about the use cases that frustrate and confuse users in the eCommerce sector:

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Went to a website for home furniture, bought a sofa, chased for weeks in every media you read with exactly that sofa, that you already bought.

Went to a website that sells kids clothes, chased for weeks in FB with 6 year old dresses (brand’s bestsellers) but you have a 2 years old boy.

Georgi explained Releva’s mission and solution that helps eCommerce shops grow their shops. increase their conversion rates, sales, AOV, LTV and turn visitors into loyal customers:

“Releva is on a mission to create user experiences that are similar to the ones users may encounter only in a small shop. We do it by automating personalization on web, mobile and omnichannel to increase engagement, ABV, LTV and conversion rate.

Releva integrates deeply with every eCommerce shop and all important digital channels to generate a 360 degree view of each user. The platform uses data to generate a personalized customer journey for each individual on the website and across the multichannel. Releva consistently generates 20%+ (for our ideal profile 40%+) revenue increase combined with stunning 51x+ ROI.” uses the most sophisticated statistical model (technology similar to chatGPT) to create personalized content on your website based on your users’ behavior and your chosen sales strategies. Our platform answers the most important sales and marketing questions: what each user wants; when they want it; what price range is acceptable for them and what is the digital channel of their preference.”

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