Have you ever wondered what the future of the eCommerce industry will be?

The eCommerce industry in 2023 and beyond will become much more closely aligned with people’s preferences. Purchases will be made directly online, where customers feel comfortable, and personalization will play a vital role in helping them quickly discover what they are looking for. Customers will expect to receive product and service recommendations even before realizing their own needs. 

Payments will be made through user-friendly tools, and search methods will increasingly rely on visual or speech-based interfaces. Users will be able to ask questions to online stores, and these questions will be answered in real-time. Consumers will expect a more understanding and ethical approach, especially regarding the data they share with the brand.

💡 Read more about it in the interview with our CEO, Georgi Georgiev, who will be part of the jury evaluating candidates on marketing criteria at the eCommerce Academy Awards.

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