📌Releva is happy to announce that we’re going to participate in the WORLD ECOMMERCE FORUM ISTANBUL .

WORLD ECOMMERCE FORUM is the biggest eCommerce Conference in Europe which provides an exhibition space for eCommerce shops to learn about the new tools, technologies, and resources that can enhance their business. During the event, attendees will have the opportunity to meet investors, global marketplaces, retailers, and vendors.

Releva’s team is very excited to show you how to automate your marketing, keep up the revenue growth and achieve any marketing goal for your eCommerce shops.

The company provides a marketing automation platform that personalizes the website and the multichannel to increase conversion rates, average order values, customer lifetime values and leads to revenue growth with an amazing ROI.

Lucy, the artificial intelligence of Releva, a technology similar to chat GPT, answers the most important sales and marketing questions such as what each user wants; when they want it; what price range is acceptable; what is the digital channel of preference and what is the creative and narrative that resonate with each user

👉See you on June 8th, 2023, at the ISTANBUL EXPO CENTER.

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