Releva has completed an $870,000 financial round led by New Vision Fund 3 with participation by HR Capital AD, Verto Invest and the investment arm of private investors.
Releva завърши финансов рунд от $870 000, воден от Фонд Ню Вижън 3 с участието на Ейч Ар Капитал АД, Верто Инвест и подкрепата на частни инвеститори.
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Releva provides an API you can call to subscribe users.

Do I need to call it?

If you send non-subscribed user information to Releva, you need to call this endpoint once a non-subscribed user subscribes or updates their subscription preferences. Never call this from your frontend code. This will expose your secret key and open you up to attacks!

Request Format

The API accepts the following curl equivalent:

curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Authorization: Bearer <secretKey>' -XPOST -d'{
  "email": "", "subscriptions": ["list1", "list2"], "unsubscribeLink": "...", "addSubscriptions": true

OPTIONAL: You may use the subscriptions field to set specific subscriptions, for example, “newsletter”, “weekly promo”, etc. and use these tags when building segments to target users that have subscribed for the corresponding item. When a user has updated their subscription preferences, you should call this API with the new set of subscriptions.

OPTIONAL: You may send unsubscribeLink if your shop has unique unsubscribe links for each user. This will take precedence over the unsubscribe link configured in your shop settings.

OPTIONAL: You may send addSubscriptions if you want to add the subscriptions to the current subscriptions for the user. If this is not set we would replace the current subscriptions with the ones from the request.

Response Format

A successful request will return a JSON response with HTTP status 202 and an empty body ({}). If an error is encountered, an appropriate HTTP status code will be returned along with a body describing the error ({“message”: “…”})

If the email address in the request is not tracked in Releva, the request generate a user with that address.

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